What Exactly Is A Wooden Overlap Shed

Wooden overlap sheds feature what is undoubtedly one of the most popular construction styles for garden buildings, in which the external planking is laid in such a way that each piece of timber overlaps its neighbour; hence the name wooden overlap shed. Apart from giving the building its distinctive rugged appearance, this method of construction enables rainfall to drip off the edge of each individual piece of planking, which does help to give the timber overlap shed enhanced weather protection and therefore a longer life. Even so, it is still a good idea to periodically maintain all timber overlap sheds by applying a new protective coat of paint, sealant or varnish every few years.

The popularity of this construction method means that virtually very manufacturer offers a range of timber overlap sheds so its important when considering the purchase of any wooden overlap sheds that you first undertake a little homework in order to more properly evaluate your actual needs; and to ensure that when you actually purchase your timber overlap shed you will be getting the best possible blend of versatility, practicality and of course, value for money. Construction methods vary amongst different manufacturers but in particular, it pays to look for a robust timber framework upon which the individual cladding planks are firmly fixed. Usually in a modern wooden overlap shed this will be by metal fixings or staples that are inserted with a high pressure tool. In some cases other manufacturers will use screws or nails but overall you need to look for stout, rigid construction of the frame and cladding.

Remember too that with a wooden overlap shed, the overlapping planks mean that the incorporation of doors and windows is more complicated than would be the case with a flat external wall. This is because timber overlap sheds need suitable framing to be built in to the structure in order to ensure proper sealing, a good watertight fit and adequate drainage around any openings. In most other respects however, a wooden overlap shed is broadly similar to a flat walled design so there are no real differences in the construction of the roof or floor. Once installed in your garden, its worth paying attention to careful and regular maintenance by applying a new coat of paint, varnish or sealant in accordance with the manufacturers instructions to ensure that your timber overlap shed enjoys a longer working life.

Another useful tip to remember when choosing a timber overlap shed is that the very nature of the construction technique means that there are effectively no flat interior surfaces. The result of this is that any internal shelving, rails, brackets or other features will need to be secured to the frame itself so stout construction is a must for all wooden overlap sheds because all the weight of items stored on the shelves or hung from the rails or brackets must be carried by the framework of your timber overlap shed.